Your own, customized Snoezelen Pillow Imperfection ®


Our patented and trademark registered Snoezelkussen Imperfectie® is a hand made cushion cover made from different fabrics and materials for sensory stimulation with therapeutic effect. It serves to improve the sensitive perception and simultaneously the relaxation.

The past

Excellent for reminiscence work since we can use materials from the past.


And due to the use of different materials the Snoezelen Pillow Imperfection promotes the sense of touch and stimulates various brain regions.


A feast for the senses

Alzheimer's and Dementia

It is particularly well suited for severely disabled, multiple handicapped and people with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Security and peace

Snoezelen allows to come to rest, giving them stability and inner order, giving them images, maybe even brings laughter, tears, words and terms, signs and symbols.

Together with the supervisor

The Snoezelen Pillow Imperfection can be used, for example to retrieve memories. This can be done by the person himself, by touching the Snoezelen Pillow or by examining and discussing it together with the supervisor.


The costs of a Snoezelen Pillow are decided by you!

Different types of materials

Through the use of different colors, different kinds of fabric, all kinds of smells, buttons in many formats, or other materials that can be applied to the Snoezelen Pillow Imperfection, the person is soothed or stimulated. For example, buttons that are filled with a specific herb or smell, or materials that may make sound.

Communication and meetings

The confused man often suffers from not being understood and moves more and more back into his world and no longer seems to be accessible. By Snoezelen with the help of a Snoezelen Pillow one can come in communication with the confused man, as by this simple cushion the person feels that someone responds to his world, and so a relaxed meeting can take place, in which man feels comfortable.

Vote for the design

Selection and compilation of the colors of the fabrics can be arranged. For example, focused on a man or a woman, in harmony or disharmony, in hard or soft tones.

Bespoke Snoezelkussen Imperfectie® is hand crafted in the Netherlands.

Patent granted.

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